MEDISYS Solutions LLC, founded in 1991

is a company dedicated to supporting the needs of healthcare providers, delivery systems, and insurers for high-quality medical management and professional support services. MEDISYS is owned and operated by clinicians and healthcare management professionals with extensive experience in all areas of medical management. Dedication to customer service, attention to detail, and focus on a specialized product line in staffing and project management make MEDISYS a valuable resource.


Medisys excels in the following areas:

  • Quality Improvement
  • Customized Project Management and Outsourcing for HEDIS®, large scale data collection, and medical record review
  • Temporary staffing for HEDIS® and pre-HEDIS® data collection and medical record review
  • Data Collection and Project Management
  • HEDIS® Training Programs conducted by seasoned clinicians

At Medisys, our mission is to help our clients develop, implement, and continuously improve programs to increase their quality, cost-effectiveness, effciency, and overall success.


Specialized firm for nurses with skills in medical record review (MRR) in a variety of settings.

MEDISYS® focuses on large scale healthcare data collection, project management, and HEDIS® training services in recognition of a growing need within the managed care industry to outsource MRR for HEDIS®, provider credentialing, and other quality and utilization management efforts.