"Medisys has been extemely helpful with not only filling the positions, but billing correctly. I really appreciate it."
-HR Manager, Philadelphia MCO

"Clearly, you have very successfully assisted us in streamlining the process, a testimony to the quality of people you've been able to bring to the team."
-Research PhD, University of Pennslyvania Medical Center

"Thanks again for inviting our company on board. We look forward to working with you again in the near future."
-Quality Coordinator, National Health Care Company

"...just like last year, thank you for your quick response. We are looking forward to another exciting year with MEDISYS."
-VP of Quality Management, Philadelphia Medicaid HMO

Temporary Supplemental Staff

Medical Record Review Staff

HEDIS® Project Managemnet and Medical Record Review (MRR) Services

Project Management

State Specific Data Collection

Audit Preparation


Management Consulting