Over 90% of Medisys Solutions, LLC 2017 Staff said they will return for the 2018 Season and here are their reasons!

“Seasonal work fits my current schedule. I enjoy working with a diversified group.”

“Enjoyed the job, the people and the money.”

“I Love the personnel they treat me with respect and honor but have a sense of humor too.”

“Great bonuses, great coworkers, close to my house, and good money.”

“One of the best working environments I have worked in.”

“The people I work with, the supervisors I interact with.”

“The people I work with, the schedule and the support every day.”

“Coworkers and the clean work environment.”

“I like seasonal employment.”

“Interesting aspect of quality auditing. The staff are professional and pleasant to work with.”

“Flexibility, support, environment, staff.”

“Support of administration, teamwork, environment.”

“I liked working on a short term basis and like being challenged. Looking forward to returning to work with many smart nurses.”

“I love HEDIS; I love the professionalism of my colleagues; amazing project management.”

“I loved everything about it. Friendly and approachable management, team concept, good communication.”

“I enjoy the people who work there, I enjoy the pay.”

“HEDIS is an interesting way to use my nursing skills; I like working in the "quality" aspect of healthcare; the schedule is very compatible with my needs; I like the company ‘Medisys’."

“Supportive management, type of work, training.”

“Staff and management, the work and I love Medisys.

Here are some responses from Medisys Solutions, LLC Clients:

"Staff is qualified/has done the job before/are experienced/good team/same team."
"Medisys added to the nurses training in HEDIS measures that were a recent experience."
"Staff and Medisys staff were at the same level of training."
-Regional MCO

"The nurses are competent; they know their job really well."
"There is an Ease in Relationships; they feel comfortable contacting Medisys  for help even on weekends."
"Medisys recruits and sends strong candidates (nurses) because Medisys hires high quality nurses."
-Philadelphia MCO

"Medisys Solutions, LLC meets our 3 most important criteria: Responsiveness, Ability to Problem Solve and Collaboration."
-National MCO

"Medisys Solutions, LLC provides: quality of staff/experienced people focused on quality work, management, and a large enough and more stable work force to handle the workload our company requires."
-National MCO

"Medisys has been extemely helpful with not only filling the positions, but billing correctly. I really appreciate it."
-HR Manager, Philadelphia MCO

"...just like last year, thank you for your quick response. We are looking forward to another exciting year with MEDISYS."
-VP of Quality Management, Philadelphia Medicaid HMO

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